Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners
Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)

FDAP Qualifications: FDAP/Adfam Drug & Alcohol Family Worker Professional Certification


Note - Please read all the documentation relating to this scheme before submitting an application. We regret that payments accompanying an unsuccessful application can not be refunded.


To submit an application for Accreditation applicants must supply:

The cost of an application for certification is £75 (including accreditation and one year membership of FDAP)


To be re-certified, applicants must supply, in support of their continuing competence:

  • Application form (the same form as per a certification): Word version
  • Workplace assessment - comprising individual unit reports for all units and Senior Manager Approval form

The cost of an application for re-certification is £75.


Applicants may resubmit an application for certification / re-certification following an earlier unsuccessful submission.

The cost of resubmission is £25.



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