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Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)

FDAP Qualifications: Drug & Alcohol Professional Certification


This page contains details of updates to the scheme since its launch in February 2005.

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Counsellors with FDAP NCAC Accreditation as a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor are now eligible for Accreditation as a Drug & Alcohol Professional at an additional cost of £25 and no further qualifications.

Following a comprehensive review of all UK-accredited substance misuse related qualifications, the number of qualifications "recognised" towards Accreditation under the scheme has been expanded significantly and should allow many more workers to achieve Accredited status.

The scheme has been amended to: take account of changes in the titles and coding of many of the generic DANOS standards; add a number of additional qualifications now 'recognised' as providing complementary evidence of competence; remove the need for qualification evidence for the three 'non-core' generic compulsory units; and widen the scope of recognition of professional and vocational qualifications.

We have clarified the guidance in the scheme to make it clear that the Advanced Apprenticeship in Community Justice (Substance Misuse Pathway) is recognised as providing complementary evidence against the generic units in the scheme - and that NVQs at Level 3 or above in both Care and Health & Social Care (including the 'old' Health & Social Care NVQ/GNVQs) provide evidence against a number of these units.

Our independent Professional Certification Advisory Panel have agreed to add a number of additional qualifications to the list of those originally 'recognised' as providing complementary evidence of competence. They have also widened that range of units which some qualifications are recognised against.

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