Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners
Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)

FDAP Qualifications: Drug & Alcohol Professional Certification

Professional Certification Advisory Panel

The Professional Certification Advisory Panel is responsible for approving and reviewing the criteria for Drug and Alcohol Professional Registration, Accreditation and Recertification, as well as the list of 'recognised qualifications' and arrangements for the scheme's administration.

The PCAP is made up of six independent members who between them have extensive experience in education, training and staff appraisal:

Prof. David Clark [chair]
Director, The Wired Initiative.

Elizabeth Flegg
Workforce Development Manager (Brighton & Hove DAAT).

Robert Kenyon
Associate Director, Primary Care Drug Treatment Directorate, Leeds PCT.

Jane Rowley
Lecturer in Substance Misuse, Stoke on Trent College of Higher Education.

Clive Tobutt
Lecturer in Substance Misuse, Thames Valley University.

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