Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners
Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)

FDAP Qualifications: National Counsellor Accreditation Certificate (NCAC)


Note: Please see changes to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements from March 2015 in the NCAC re-accreditation criteria below and the application form.


NCAC accreditation is valid for three years, after which members must apply for re-accreditation. To be re-accredited, practising counsellors will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Professional development Have engaged in continuing professional development since accreditation was last awarded (at least 30 hrs per year, including at least 10 hrs (per year) in training / education).
  • Supervision Have received regular supervision, in line with FDAP guidance, in the period since accreditation was last awarded.
  • Membership Have held continuing FDAP membership since accreditation was last awarded.
  • Non-practising counsellors can also re-accredit provided they meet the criteria above for membership and professional development, and in addition the supervision criterion for any period during which they have been practising since they were last accredited.


Applications for re-accreditation may be made in the three calendar months before accreditation expires, and in the calendar year following expiry. Successful re-applications will be dated as from the date of expiry of the previous accreditation period.

The fee for re-accreditation is £100 (non refundable). Please write cheques to 'SMMGP' and put your surname and membership number on the back, and send with your application which should include documentation regarding professional development and supervision as requested above.


Application form [pdf / word]

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