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September 2015

London South Bank University (LSBU) launched a pilot FDAP accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses (for addiction treatment professionals) and Recognised Trainers.

March 2015

DrugScope to close

DrugScope trustees have taken the decision to close the organisation with effect from 31 March 2015. Whilst FDAP was a subsidiary of DrugScope, because of a degree of separation between the two organisations, FDAP will not be affected by this closure.

NCAC re-accreditation

CPD requirements for the NCAC re-accreditation has been changed by the NCAC accreditation committee.

December 2014

FDAP's annual account is available on request.

April 2013

FDAP has joined DrugScope as a subsidiary organisation reporting to the DrugScope board of trustees.

November 2011

National Seminar

FDAP and the Department of Psychology at LSBU organised a One Day National Seminar on Alcohol and Young People in London. The AGM was held after the seminar.

March 2011

Individual Membership fees

FDAP's membership fees have not changed for at least 5 years. In order to keep moving forward and overcoming future challenges in the field we are forced to increase Individual membership fees to £85 p.a. for the standard rate and £40 p.a. for the reduced rate from the 1st of April 2011.

November 2010

Annual Drug & Alcohol Professionals conference
This year's annual conference attracted about 100 delegates, who heard from a range of speakers including Paul Hayes from the NTA, Noreen Oliver from the BAC O'Connor, and Vivianne Evans from ADFAM - as well as having the opportunity to attend 5 different workshops.

September 2010

National Counsellor Accreditation Certificate (NCAC)

A review of the National Counsellor Accreditation Certificate (NCAC) is underway. The new format for the NCAC accreditation scheme can be used as soon as it is available on FDAP's website. The current NCAC accreditation scheme can be used by members until 1st May 2011.

September 2009

Referral Agencies

Recently there has been concern expessed about "treatment brokers" receiving commission from the services to which they refer individuals. When this first came to light last year FDAP published the folowing and amended the Code of Practice for drug and alcohol practitioners accordingly.

Extract from newsletter Summer 2008.

Code of Practice for referral agents

Following widespread consultation our Code of Practice has been updated to take account of potential ethical issues surrounding the work of referral agents.

"While we do not see anything wrong in principle with people providing advice on referrals in to treatment, or being paid a commission to do so, it is important that clients are aware of any commission paid, and that the guidance offered is based on the best interests of the client rather than any financial considerations".

Code of Practice for Drug & Alcohol Practitioners
9. Practitioners who receive payment or other benefits from service providers for advising people about, or referring them to, their services must make this clear to all concerned and not allow their own financial interests to compromise their wider professional responsabilities.

February 2009

New Trustees of FDAP
We are delighted to welcome as trustees - Geoffrey Stephenson of London South Bank University, Barbara Pawson and Susan Waine, independant consultants.

January 2009

Annual Drug & Alcohol Professionals conference
This year's annual conference attracted just over 150 delegates, who heard from a range of speakers including Pamela Spalding, Alan Wheeler from the Home Office, and Nicola Singleton from UKDPC - as well as having the opportunity to attend 10 different workshops.

August 2008

New Chief Executive appointed
Carole Sharma, former workforce lead at the NTA, has been appointed as FDAP's new Chief Executive. She will take up post on 1 September.

July 2008

Updates to Drug & Alcohol Professional Certification
Following a comprehensive review of all UK-accredited substance misuse related qualifications, the number of qualifications "recognised" towards Accreditation under the scheme has been expanded significantly. More...

Complaint upheld
A complaint of unprofessional practice brought under our Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures has been upheld against Gary Waller. As a result, Mr WallerÂ’s NCAC Accreditation has been withdrawn and he has been expelled from FDAP, both with immediate effect.

May 2008

Management qualifcation
Together with the Performance Group FDAP has developed a new management training course and qualification (accredited by ASET) for line managers in the drugs and alcohol field. More...

April 2008

Developing the Workforce
We have now published our latest "workforce development" training and qualifications programme - see the training and qualifications sections of this site for more details.

March 2008

DANOS 2012
FDAP - in consultation with the Competence Group and Skills for Health - has published a new guide to DANOS and the future of workforce development after the expiry of the NTA targets at the end of March 2008. Click here to view.

December 2007

New Chair and Trustees of FDAP
We are delighted to welcome Simon Nicolle from Mount Carmel as our new Chair. Simon takes over from Noreen Oliver of the Burton Addiction Centre - to whom we would like to express our thanks. We also welcome as trustees - Godfrey Featherstone of Kenward Trust, Libby Reid of ANA, Robert Deans of the Salvation Army, Tina Williams of Panic and Lauren Booker from DECCA.

November 2007

Annual Drug & Alcohol Professionals conference
This year's annual conference attracted just over 200 delegates, who heard from a range of speakers including Paul Hayes of NTA, Martin Barnes and Srabeni Sen from DrugScope and Alcohol Concern, and our Chief Executive Simon Shepherd - as well as having the opportunity to attend over 20 different workshops.

October 2007

Prisons and Beyond, 2007
As last year, the NOMS conference attracted over 300 delegates to the two day event in Leicester - which focused on drug treatment in prisons and the community.

Workforce Seminar
We held the latest of our workforce seminars for workforce leads in DATs and FDAP affiliate services in London on 22 October.

August 2007

Prisons and Beyond, 2007
Following the success of last year's event, FDAP has again been asked to help run the NOMS Prisons and Beyond conference - which will take place in Leicester on 11-12 October.

July 2007

Annual Conference Programme published
The programme for the 5th Annual Drug & Alcohol Professionals conference has now been finalised. The event will be held in London on 13 November. Our AGM will take place immediately afterwards.

National Workforce Seminar
On 6 July FDAP and The Competence Group ran the first in a series of one day national seminars for workforce leads from DATs and services. The next meeting will be in October.

April 2007

"DANOS in a nutshell" guide
The Home Office and Skills for Health have funded FDAP to publish and distribute an 8 page introductory guide to DANOS, to complement our "DANOS demsystified" e-learning programme and online guidance at www.DrinkandDrugs.net.

March 2007

"DANOS demystified" e-learning
DANOS demystified is an e-learning package on DANOS and related workforce development issues for workers and line managers.

February 2007

"Developing the Workforce" launched
Developing the Workforce is an integrated programme of training, qualifications and resources from FDAP to support workforce development .

January 2007

Introductory Certificate for Counsellors
We have launched a new introductory certificate for drug and alcohol counsellors, in partnership with Alcohol Concern. The new award is aimed at counsellors in training and volunteer counsellors. See training for more details.

New management training & qualifications
Together with the Open University and The Competence Group, FDAP have launched a new set of training courses and a professional competence-assessed award for managers in drug and alcohol services. See training and qualifications for more details.

FDAP sets up "Competence Group"
We have brought together a group of leading experts on DANOS to help support workforce development across the field.

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